Joyce Cowfer, Unbridled Possibilities

The TBAH program is one of the most comprehensive equine coaching programs I know of. I am consistently contacted by graduates of other equine coaching programs who may have heard about the work I do, seen my website, met me at an expo or even attended one of my workshops and they ask me questions such as:
  • how did  I build a client base?
  • is a niche really important?
  • do I really nèed a website?
  • how important is a database?
  • how to find a facility to work out of
  • and on and on….
It surprised me the first time it happened because the TBAH program covers all these topics and so much more.
When you graduate from TBAH you have :
  • a website
  • a niche
  • a mission statement
  • a vision
  • and you’ve already started your database.


Melisa covers topics about how to run a successful business, how to be a entrepreneur, how to market your business, different income streams and so much more.
My company is called Unbridled Possibilities and my clientele is generally women in transition. Some are interested in ‘re-inventing’ themselves, some in personal discovery through equine adventures ( I offer  riding workshops in Ireland and Montana). I am also a horse trainer and some of my clients bring their own horses for coaching sessions.
Since graduating a have built a strong client base and I am making a steady income. But even more important is that I am combining my love of horses  with my work and truly making a difference in people’s lives. The feedback I receive from my clients, the testimonials they have shared and the changes they have experienced in their lives, to me, are priceless. Sometimes when I come in from the arena and my husband asks how my session went, I honestly say ‘it was magical.’
I love my work and I am so grateful I found TBAH and Melisa Pearce.