Jaclyn Manzione, Xanthus Center

One year ago, I completed the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCM) certification program and realized my lifelong dream of creating a life that I love. This program not only provided me with superior skills, it also led me through a personal transformation. It helped me to create a vision that, with Melisa’s guidance and continued support, has become a reality. That vision is reflected in my passion for bringing a voice to my equine partners and to those I coach.

My coaching career began just a few weeks after graduation thanks to the credibility and name recognition of this program. One large, local nonprofit organization serving at risk adolescents and young adults immediately recognized the benefits inherent in Melisa’s coaching approach. They awarded me a contract to develop and implement an equine program utilizing the EGC Method.

Since that time, the organization continues to steadily increase the funding for this program via grants and fundraising events and to expand the scope of my services. To date, client satisfaction surveys indicate that one hundred percent of the respondents leave with an improved outlook towards their future and have a greater sense of self-awareness then they did at the beginning of the session. Because of significant, measurable outcomes, the EGCM sessions I provide were identified by staff and the board of directors as having the greatest impact on their clientele in 2015. This achievement was celebrated at the agencies’ largest fundraising event of the year; an event attended by local and State dignitaries, executive corporate management, entrepreneurs and the media. This annual fundraiser, highlighting the EGCM services, raised twice the amount of monies from the previous year and registered the largest donor activity level in the nine years of it’s’ existence!

At the request of the organization, I am now taking on additional responsibilities beyond providing individual sessions to clients including family systems coaching, reunification of the client with their nuclear family and staff development. The income is impressive and retirement from my medical career and transition to full time contract EGCM work is scheduled for this fall!

The Executive Director tells me that my abilities as a coach surpass those she sees in graduate level interns, from local universities, working with our clients. During the TBAH training program, I developed coaching skills that yield solid results. My level of self-confidence increased dramatically with the consistent support and encouragement of Melisa. I was able to realize my maximum potential in the safe, yet demanding, container that Melisa set for each core. Because of my demonstrated superior coaching skills, my EGCM certification is listed with other credentialed professionals in this agency’s service delivery policy.

As a team member, I represent this agency during visits from licensing, accreditation and certification entities. Recently, the federal government conducted a sight visit in regards to services rendered under a federal grant. At the exit briefing, the surveyors used words like “Excellent, Inspiring, Heart Warming, Exemplary, Innovative, Creating Best Practices, Representative of the ideals of this work, What this work should be” relating to the EGCM services. The organization received a perfect score! Zero compliance issues! Zero corrective action issues! Zero violations! The surveyors commented that they intended to bring what they observed back to their communities to implement as best practices! In 2015, Social Services saw the value in the EGC Method and authorized ten sessions through the organization for a client that had never responded to traditional methodology. This client successfully reunited with his family!

I am extremely fortunate to have Melisa as a mentor.  Her lifelong horsemanship experience, coaching mastery, integrity, professionalism, outstanding teaching abilities and genuine empathy towards others speaks for itself. This program changed my life! I am now, with great gratitude, applying the EGC Method to assist others in changing theirs! Thank you Melisa!