Bethany Piziks, BraveHeart Equine Coaching

Melisa Pearce’s Equine Gestalt Coaching Method certification program is not just a certification. It is a powerful, deeply transformational experience that has changed the entire course of my life for the better.

Words cannot express the deep value and powerful shifts received from participating fully. There is a cleansing of emotions, mind, and body that will free you to move forward without the old, familiar challenges of the past.

This program is not just about learning new skills. It is about lasting personal change; a positive shift from the inside, out. A depth of learning and integration that will make the world a better place, for horses AND humans. 
It is also an extremely viable way to make an abundant living, while doing what I love to do! Within a few months of certification, I had already earned back what I invested in the entire course.


Before entering the program, I was a dentist for 20 years, and longed to change careers. I wondered if there were a way for me to integrate the things I loved the most (freedom, horses, nature, helping others) into a viable living. When I found this program I knew my search was over. 
I graduated in September, 2015 with all the tools, knowledge and experience needed to begin working in my new business, BraveHeart Equine Coaching, Restoration of the Human Spirit. 
I now partner with horses to offer coaching, retreats, and workshops for dentists and their teams who need guidance for stress, burnout, leadership, communication, etc. 
It is fascinating how the horses work to heal people’s hearts, and an honor to be part of that process. Every time I work with a client, the horses amaze me with their intuition and ability to help my client see their own truth, often for the first time.

I was invited to be on the local news (, have done 2 international podcasts with leaders in the dental industry, (listen to the latest here and have published 3 articles in professional dental journals about this work (a link to the most recent For more information go to my website
If you are looking for a unique, powerful, extremely viable career, I can’t recommend this program enough. I am deeply grateful for Melisa’s dedication, lifetime of knowledge, and generosity of sharing with us through her program.