Do you hear the whispers of Equus?

Do horses speak to you and through you?

Are you seeking a new career with horses?

Are you ready to let a horse change you life?

Yes, YOU can have a successful career partnering with horses to change human lives.

The Touched by a Horse Equine Gestalt Coaching Method Certification Program is lead by master coach, business woman and professional horse woman, Melisa Pearce. Melisa is one of the founders of the horse-human healing movement.

The power of horses to heal the human spirit is undeniable.

Maybe you’ve experienced the healing gifts of a special horse in your life.

Maybe you’ve only been drawn to horses in images and spirit, but know deep down that being in their presence is where you are supposed to be.

If you feel compelled to experience and share the gifts of equus, you have come to the right place!

And guess what? You DO NOT NEED HORSE EXPERIENCE to start a successful career partnering with horses using the EGCMethod® (Equine Gestalt Coaching Method)! We will teach you what you need to know.

The Touched by a Horse Certification Program will change your life and prepare you to be a confident coach!

Over 100 Certified Graduates

Dedicated 40 Acre Campus in Beautiful Colorado

Intensive Hands-on Training

A Support Staff Dedicated to Your Success

Watch this video to hear from our graduates and students!

A career with horses healing humans awaits you — and not only will this program open doors for you to begin a wonderful new chapter of your life as an entrepreneur; it will guide you through the personal change you’ve been seeking — stride by stride with the help of horses.

Why Horses?

Horses are deeply connected to our humanity — perhaps more so than any other being with which we share our planet. Ages ago, when we humans were still wild in our nature, horses formed a partnership with us that forever changed us. Over the millennia, they have guided us out of the wilderness and into the light. They have carried our burdens, worked alongside us, toiled for us, fought for us in war and sacrificed themselves to nourish our prosperity and our bodies. They have willingly bore our hope on their strong backs, moving us forward into the future we now share. We are intrinsically intertwined with the horse. Even though many of us no longer share a day-to-day bond with an equine spirit, we can not deny John Trotwood Moore’s assessment that “Whenever man has left his footprints in the long ascent from barbarism to civilization, we find the hoofprint of a horse beside it.”

This program is truly different.

The Touched by a Horse Certification program is the premier equine assisted coaching program. Established by Melisa Pearce, founder of the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method (EGCMethod), the program gives you everything you need to be:

A master coach
A successful entrepreneur
A knowledgeable facilitator
A confident horse handler

This program is truly different than any other certification program you will find.

•  The only program teaching the proven EGCMethod.
The only program lead by an established founder of the horse/human healing movement.

Plus you will be a member an active, co-creative community of coaches all devoted to healing humans in partnership with horses.

The Only Equine Gestalt Coaching Program with Scientifically PROVEN Results!

Jaclyn and Tom Manzione tell Melisa Pearce about their amazing results during a recent scientific study of the EGCMethod. Press play to hear more!

Consider for a moment what it must be like to be a homeless, hopeless 12-24 year old with a history of trauma, mental illness and substance abuse. You then meet a woman and a horse, who, through the unique and effective EGCMethod, can give you the confidence to “Strongly Agree” with your ability to see a positive future.

Jaclyn Manzione, a graduate of the EGCMethod Certification Program, was able to achieve a result of “Strongly Agree” or “Agree” in 73 out of 73 randomly sampled surveys in a 2017 research study into the efficacy of the EGCMethod. Jaclyn entered our program with minimal horse experience, no mental health background, no coaching experience, and no facilitation experience. With the training from our two year program, she was able to achieve this result in her first year of practice and with one of the more challenging populations in our culture.

This is your chance to learn from the innovator in the horse-human healing movement!

Lead by the most qualified mentor in the equine assisted coaching business, master coach and horsewoman, Melisa Pearce.

Human Dynamics: Melisa is an expert in human dynamics, a trained Gestalt psychotherapist, and a Master Coach. She has been a private practicing psychotherapist and taught a 400 hour Gestalt certification program. Melisa created her own Method of Equine Supported Therapy and Coaching from a Gestalt Approach which she has been practicing for over 20 years.

Equine Knowledge: Melisa is a lifelong accomplished horsewoman, has taught riding, won two World Championship American Paint Horse Association awards, bred over 200 foals, and owns multiple ranches. Melisa lectures nationally at Equine Affaire and Equine Extravaganza and was named One of the Top 50 Most Influential Horsewomen by Horse South Magazine in 2008.

Intuitive Insight & Somatics: Melisa lectures nationally on Energy Fields and Horses. She is an intuitive reader of horses. She is the author of Whispers From A Horse’s Heart, a spiritually influenced card deck for inspiration, Wisdom’s Journey, a guided 3 CD series to discover and create your future, and Eponalisa, The Fall Ride, a Life’s Purpose Parable, as well as co-author on several other projects.

Facilitation: A lifelong teacher, Melisa is a Master Instructor for a joint venture company, and has facilitated retreats for executives, sales teams, families and individuals for over 20 years. She won the Editor’s Choice Best Spiritual Retreat in Denver’s 5280 Magazine.

Coaching: Melisa has been a life coach, professional business coach and has trained other coaches in several different areas of expertise.

Business Development: Melisa is a lifelong highly successful entrepreneur and owner of several companies. She is considered a top expert in coaching individuals and teaching groups of elite entrepreneurs innovative professional marketing programs. She is a skillful instructor in how to use creative marketing skills to coach organizations to success through web-based technology for a national teleconference training network.

You will learn how to partner with horses and become proficient in six CORE competencies.

 Human Dynamics – understanding, developing and applying basic human behavior from either a therapeutic or a coaching perspective, Gestalt & experiential principles.

Equine Knowledge – understanding, developing and applying basic knowledge and management of horses and equine behavior, horse selection and facility requirements.

Intuitive Insight and Somatics – understanding, developing and applying intuition and the body language of humans and horses, working with chakras and energy fields.

Facilitation – understanding, developing and practicing individual and group facilitation, co-facilitation and processing of experiences.

Coaching – understanding, developing and applying basic coaching tools and techniques for helping others meet their challenges and exploit their opportunities.

Business Development – finding clients and building your business professionally and authentically, creating your business presence

Upon graduation, you will be confident in all six CORE competencies and ready to be successful in your own EGCMethod® practice! But your education doesn’t stop there! The Touched by a Horse program has multiple continuing education opportunities to assist you in growing your education and business.

You education as a EGCMethod® Certified Practitioner is the equivalent of a post-graduate degree — but flexible and created with your success in mind!

Melisa Pearce established the path many other coaching programs follow today — and she remains on the cutting edge in developing new and exciting ways to guide EGCMethod students and certified coaches. When you join the Touched by a Horse Herd, you will get the benefit of Melisa’s leadership and incredible teaching skills.

  • Weekly teleclasses give you the knowledge you need to understand the six core competencies and inspire you as a coach.
  • 4 day intensive CORE trainings give you the hands on experience you need to be a competent coach and the skills you need to facilitate individual and group coaching sessions.
  • Annual and special events plus continuing education support you as a student and a graduate, keeping your skills sharp and inspiring you to take your business to the pinnacle of success.
  • A personal individual coach who helps you and is dedicated to your success.

The program is flexible — you can take time off if needed and resume when you’re ready. You can complete the program in as few as 24 months or continue as long as you need to feel competent and complete as a coach before graduating.

You will gain a herd of new friends and colleagues dedicated to making a difference.

2015 Touched by a Horse SUMMIT group photo

The average Touched by a Horse Graduate earned their tuition back in the first two retreats!

With over 100 graduates, the Touched by a Horse (TBAH) community is strong and vibrant.

You will be welcomed as a member into a group of women and men who are devoted to the success of the community overall. You will be able to learn from established practitioners and be inspired by their successes.

You will also gain access to a professional network of highly trained, competent support businesses including insurance, marketing, legal, publishing and more — all of which not only understand the business of coaching with horses but are also dedicated to the success of the horse/human healing movement.

Application Deadline to Join January 2019 Classes!